Gloria Copetillo Art
Original products and Illustrations.
I am an Illustrator living in Japan, my techniques are traditional (no digital media).
You can check more about my work on my official web:


If you have any problem to complete your purchase please send an e-mail to gloriacopetillo@outlook.com  I can attend you to make the purchase directly, also you can contact me by Facebook

Paypal payment
You can use your paypal, but if you dont have an account you use your credit card to pay, just follow the   instructions on the checkout.

Prices are in japanese yens (The payment must be in yens, dont worry paypal makes the converse)

If you have any question please go to the Facebook page  and talk with me about your doubts or send a e-mail to: gloriacopetillo@outlook.com

Paypal fees would charge in the checkout process, appears as "taxes" charge depending on your country.

The store don't  make refunds

I do not accept payments plans,, just the normal direct purchase on the store.

You can make all the questions you need or ask for more photos about the product.


Worldwide shipping
(Debido a problemas con aduanas de America del sur no estamos enviando a algunos paises de esa zona por el momento, perdone las molestias)

*The max. price I can mark in the package is 5,000 yen, Because if I registry with a higher amount it is more likely that the package go to customs and you have to pay for it.   for the same reason I always mark the package as a gift.

The store is not responsable for lost packages.

Shipping from JAPAN

The fastest is EMS, around 15 days, I can not make fastest shippings.

Enjoy your shopping!
Thank you!